Hawaii Kokou Mural Project Artists

APEC Intern Meeting with Hawaii Kakou Mural Project Artists!
Big Mahalo to Roopal and Meleanna for joining us for an insightful discussion on cultures of 22 economies (21 APEC economies + the indigenous cultures!)

UHERO APEC interns are working with the indigenous artists of Hawaii in creating a grandiose mural in the convention center! It will reflect cultures and values of 22 economies. We are very excited to be involved in this project.

If you are from one of the 22 APEC economies and would like to share stories about your heritage and culture, please contact us!

Some questions you may answer about your culture are: “What are family values that are important to me? How have they been passed down from generation to generation? Why do these values apply to me and my everyday life?”

Your insights are inspiration for the artists to create the mural!


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