Prospective Members

Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Membership Selection
Membership in the University of Hawaiʻi’s Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal is open to second- and third-year full-time students, and part-time students who have completed their 1L curriculum requirements.  The membership application period occurs at the immediate end of each Spring semester.  Students are notified of their selection status during the summer.Students can apply to join Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal by submitting:

  • During the week following Spring final exams, law students have the opportunity to participate in a technical editing exercise to attain an invitation to join the Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal.
  • The  technical editing exercise is scored based on analysis, structure, Bluebooking, administrative precision, and creativity.

Letter of Interest

Applicants to the Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal should include a 1-2 page letter of interest describing their interest in Asian-Pacific law and policy.

Writing Sample

Applicants to the Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal should include a writing sample consisting of a maximum of 15 pages.

Transfer Students

The Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal encourages transfer applicants to apply for membership on the Journal. If you wish to be considered for membership, you must participate in the Writing Competition. All prospective transfer students may participate in the competition, including those who intend to apply and have not yet done so and those who have applied and have not yet received a decision.

Contact APLPJ staff for more information by June 1 at