Recent Theses and Dissertations

Below you’ll find recent life writing related MA theses and Ph.D. dissertations done in the English department.

MA Theses

Novelynn Rubsamen
Erecting and Dismantling the Female Floodwall: U.S. Military Occupation in Postwar Japan
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Lauren Nishimura
“The Fragmented Biographies of Naʻi Aupuni: Colonial Impositions on ʻŌiwi Expressions of Indigeneity and Sovereignty”
Chair: Dr. Georganne Nordstrom

Nicole Kurashige
“Becoming Batman: Postmodern Graphic Memoir, Dean Trippe’s ‘Something Terrible,’ and the Subservision of Dominant Narratives of Suffering”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Claire Gearen
“Sun and Moon: The Ethics of Catachresis as Figure of Trauma in Yusef Komunyakaa’s ‘Starlight Scope Myopia’ and Tim O’Brien’s ‘The Things They Carried'”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Dax Garcia
“Michael Dorris’s The Broken Cord: Value in Life Writing ‘Gone Bad'”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Lisa Shea
“Representing Lives in Institutional ePortfolios: Learning from Life Writing”
Chair: Dr. Jim Henry

Summer Ibara
“Deconstructing Biographies of Queen Emma: Biographer Motivation, Portrayal and a Continued Life”
Chair: Dr. Candace Fujikane

Amy Carlson
“Wiping Clean to Use Again: Finding and Following Life Writing in Shojo Manga and Online Scanlations”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Rasa Fournier
“When Group Identity Threatens Lives: Recovering, or Failing to Recover, a Self Through Narrative”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Ph.D. Dissertations

Kim Compoc
“Emergent Allies: Decolonial Hawai‘i from a Filipin@ Perspective”
Chair: Dr. Candace Fujikane

Tiffany Ing
“Ka Ho‘omālamalama ‘ana i nā Hō‘ailona o ka Mō‘ī Kalākaua a me kona Noho Ali‘i ‘ana: Illuminating the American, International, and Hawai‘i Representations of David Kalākaua and His Reign, 1874–1891”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Michael Tsai
“The People’s Race Inc.: An Institutional Biography of the Honolulu Marathon Association”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Marie Alohalani Brown
“Facing the Spears of Change: The Life and Legacy of Ioane Kaneiakama Papa ʻĪʻī”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Heui-Yung Park
“From the Land of Morning Calm to Hawaiʻi Nei: Korean and Korean American Life Writing in Hawaiʻi”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

Alana Bell
“The Lives of Glenn Gould: The Limits of Musical Auto/Biography”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes

George Garneau
“If It Swings, It’s Music: The Autobiography of Hawaiʻi’s Gabe Baltazar Jr.”
Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Carroll

Claire Morais
“The Fictions of a Nation: Race, State, and Identity in Life Writing from Malaysia”
Chair: Dr. Craig Howes