24.1: Autobiography and Changing Identities

Autobiography and Changing Identities
vol. 24, no. 1, Winter 2001
Guest Editors: Susanna Egan & Gabriele Helms

Autobiography and Changing Identities: Introduction” by Susanna Egan, Gabriele Helms

Autobiography and Changing Identities Welcome to the Conference July 27, 2000” by Martha C. Piper

Performing Identities

The Rumpled Bed of Autobiography: Extravagant Lives, Extravagant Questions” by Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson

Performing Identities: Actresses and Autobiography” by Mary Jean Corbett

ʻI am Prince Jussufʻ: Else Lasker-Schüler’s Autobiographical Performance” by Antje Lindenmeyer

Becoming and Be/Longing: Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaw and My Gender Workbook” by Bina Toledo Freiwald

ʻHeightened by Lifeʻ vs. ʻParalyzed by Factʻ: Photography and Autobiography in Norma Cantú’s Canícula” by Timothy Dow Adams

ʻCarefully I Touched the Faces of My Parentsʻ: Bergman’s Autobiographical Image” by Linda Haverty Rugg

Performing the Search in Adoption Autobiography: Finding Christa and Reno Finds Her Mom” by Jill R. Deans

How Do Diaries End?” by Philippe Lejeune, Victoria A. Lodewick

Exploring Ethics

Breaking Rules: The Consequences of Self-Narration” by Paul John Eakin

Limit-Cases: Trauma, Self-Representation, and the Jurisdictions of Identity” by Leigh Gilmore

Women’s Diaries as Life-Savings: Who Decides Whose Life is Saved?: The Journals of Eugénie de Guérin and Elisabeth Leseur” by Valerie Raoul

Chain Gang Narratives and the Politics of ʻSpeaking Forʻ” by Jeanne Martha Perreault

Writing as Refiguration: Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face” by Susannah B. Mintz

Genome and Genre: DNA and Life Writing” by G. Thomas Couser

Narrating Nation

In the Second Person: Narrative Transactions in Stolen Generations Testimony” by Gillian Whitlock

Footprints of the Fugitive: Slave Narrative Discourse and the Trace of Autobiography” by Lynn A. Casmier-Paz

Doukhobor Autobiography as Witness Narrative” by Julie Rak

Autoethnography and Material Culture: The Case of Bill Reid” by Joel Martineau

Displacement and Self-Representation: Theorizing Contemporary Canadian Biotexts” by Joanne Saul

ʻHidden Countryʻ: Discovering Mina Benson Hubbard” by Sherrill Grace

Eva Hoffman’s Double Emigration: Canada as the Site of Exile in Lost in Translation” by Sarah Phillips Casteel

Autobiography, Exile, Home: The Egyptian Memoirs of Gini Alhadeff, AndrÉ Aciman, and Edward Said” by Roger J. Porter