Interview With Steven Winduo

Steven Winduo is a Papua New Guinea poet and scholar who teaches at the University of Papua New Guinea. Here he introduces and reads the title poem from his first poetry collection, Lomo’ha I am, in Spirit’s Voice I Call (1991). (5 minutes)
Listen to Noe Tanigawa’s interview with Steven, which was broadcast 11 June 2009, on Hawai`i Public Radio. (3:28)
Lomo’ha I am,
in Spirits’ Voice I Call
Lomo’ha ne walihowi wa
Lomo’ha konglu ye
Nuwo Lomo’ha ne.
I have traveled in those lands
Beyond doors of sacred tombs
Only in the stories of our fore fathers
Did you weep over my dead name when I left
To that unseen waliwuiya
Upon my return after years of wandering
Below the horizon of the sea
And between skies of the waliwuiya
I see nothing
But myself among the wild trees
In the wilderness of this jungle
I learned about each mark carved on trees
By unknown hands which spoke to me
Lomo’ha! Lomo’ha!
Yenefa waliwuiya
Yenefa waliwuiya
Na whame?
I call: waiting men do you hear me
I am speaking in this strange language
Lomo’ha ne walihowi ne wa
Lomo’ha I am, in spirits’ voice I call
I have returned from death
Do you remember me my people
Lomo’ha ne walihowi wa
Hear this living voice cry before I am lost
See these things that I have brought
And do not judge my spirits’ voice for my spirit
Lomo’ha ne walihowi wa
Lomo’ha konglu ye
Nuwo Lomo’ha ne