Faculty Updates: Summer 2014

Lola Quan Bautista’s film Breadfruit & Open Spaces made its television premier on 17 July on PBS Hawaiʻi. See breadfruitopenspaces.com.
In July, Alex Mawyer was awarded support from Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative’s Do/Dream project for the Moving Images of the Pacific Islands (MIPI) wiki. With technical support from this project, MIPI will return to the UH website and extend its functions and utility. Keep an eye out for MIPI updates. In August, Alex presented “Critical Issues of Pacific/Asia Film” as part of the Community Building Institute  (CBI) at the East-West Center. This year’s CBI was titled “Laulima: Linking Communities in Asia and the Pacific.”
David Hanlon participated in a workshop entitled “Pacific Futures: Pasts and Presents,” held at the University of Otago in Dunedin, Aotearoa/New Zealand, 19–21 June. He presented a paper entitled “A New Historiography for ‘a handful of chickpeas flung over the sea’: Approaching the Federated States of Micronesia’s Deeper Past.”  The workshop was sponsored by the University of Sydney’s Program on Race and Ethnicity in the Global South and the University of Otago’s Centre for Research on Colonial Culture.