Special Issue! The Contemporary Pacific (26:2)

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A special issue of The Contemporary Pacific (26:2), titled Global Sport in the Pacific, is forthcoming this semester. It is guest edited by CPIS affiliate faculty member Faʻanofo (Lisa) Uperesa (UHM Ethnic Studies and Sociology) and Tom Mountjoy (University of Bergen). This issue features a series of photographs by Greg Semu. Articles include:

  • “Global Sport in the Pacific: A Brief Overview” by Fa‘anofo Lisaclaire (Lisa) Uperesa and Tom Mountjoy
  • “Fabled Futures: Migration and Mobility for Samoans in American Football” by Fa‘anofo Lisaclaire (Lisa) Uperesa
  • “‘No longer just a pastime’: Sport for Development in Times of Change” by Christina Ting Kwauk
  • “Playing with Knowledge: Sport and the Paradox of Development in Solomon Islands” by Tom Mountjoy
  • “Pasifika Diaspora and the Changing Face of Australian Rugby League” by David Lakisa, Daryl Adair, and Tracy Taylor
  • “Participating in the Global Competition: Denaturalizing ‘Flair’ in Samoan Rugby” by Julien Clément
  • “Beyond the All Blacks Representations: The Dialectic Between the Indigenization of Rugby and Postcolonial Strategies to Control Māori” by Domenica Gisella Calabrò
  • “‘Such a Site for Play, This Edge’: Surfing, Tourism and Modernist Fantasy in Papua New Guinea” by Paige West
  • “Sports, Bodies, and Futures: An Epilogue” by Niko Besnier

This issue also includes a resource section onresearching Pacific Islands sport by D Kealiʻi MacKenzie, political reviews of the region and Melanesia, as well as book and media reviews. For more information, see the website www.uhpress.hawaii.edu/t-the-contemporary-pacific.aspx. The Contemporary Pacific can be accessed electronically through Project MUSE at muse.jhu.edu/