Spring/Summer Alumni Activities

Many students, alumni, and affiliate faculty members presented at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association conference, which was held 28–31 May at University of Texas, Austin.
Kenneth Kofigan Kuper (CPIS MA, 2014) chaired “Decolonial Chamorro Studies: Language Revitalization, Sex Education, and the Trans-Oceanic Home” and presented “Na`la`la` I Hila`-ta Na`matatnga I taotao-ta”; also in that session, American Studies doctoral student Jesi Lujan Bennett (CPIS MA, 2013) presented “Taimanu Hu Ayuda I Tano`-Ta Yanggen Taigue Yu`: Chamorro Diaspora and Trans-Oceanic Sovereignty” and comment was provided by Craig Santos Perez (UHM English Department).
Congratulations to recent MA graduate Kenneth Gofigan Kuper and Francine Naputi, who welcomed their daughter Inina on 18 July 2014.
Hōkūlani Aikau (Indigenous Politics, UHM Political Science Department) presented “On being Malihini” in “Kānaka Maoli Methodologies” and chaired the session titled “Success at Settler U.”
Noenoe Silva (Indigenous Politics) presented “Towards Hawaiian-American Indian Diplomacy and Solidarity: An Update on Jodi Byrd’s ‘Satisfied with Stones’ in The Transit Empire” in a session titled “Indigeneity, Racialization, and Colonial Entanglements: Engaging Transit of Empire: Part 2.”