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“New Flags Flying: Pacific Leaders Talk about the Times of Change as They Remember Their Journeys to Independence and Self-Government,” by Radio New Zealand, provides an online website series of archival recordings of reminiscences of the leaders of 14 Pacific Island nations as well as “Perspectives of Pacific Women.” An introduction to the 16-part series sets out the general historical background; a final program deals with perspectives of Pacific women. Transcripts of each program are included.
“Social Network Analysis Project of Climate Change Professionals,” by Pacific RISA at the East-West Center, is a result of a multi-year social network analysis project to examine communication patterns and how climate information spreads across different sectors and countries in the Pacific Islands region. The interactive maps visualize networks across the Pacific to help identify gaps and areas that need to be strengthened, particularly for coordination efforts in the region. By tracking information flows, key hubs, and isolated groups using network analysis and statistical methods, the researchers are mapping out strengths and gaps in the delivery of climate information, allowing Pacific RISA and other groups to focus research and resources on areas that have been previously ignored.

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Interview With Steven Winduo

Steven Winduo is a Papua New Guinea poet and scholar who teaches at the University of Papua New Guinea. Here he introduces and reads the title poem from his first poetry collection, Lomo’ha I am, in Spirit’s Voice I Call (1991). (5 minutes)
Listen to Noe Tanigawa’s interview with Steven, which was broadcast 11 June 2009, on Hawai`i Public Radio. (3:28)
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Interview With Teweiariki Teaero

Teweiariki Teaero, who was born on Nikunau Island in Kiribati, is an artist, a poet, and a teacher. His distinctive drawings and paintings are inspired by traditional art motifs, ideas, legends, and contemporary issues in the Pacific. He has contributed poetry to numerous literary journals and is the author of two collections—on eitei’s wings and Waa in Storms. Mr Teaero has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of the South Pacific where he is Assistant to the Head of the School of Humanities.
Listen to a interview with Teaero here.
Hawaii Public Radio, April 20th 2006