Student Awards at Convocation 2014, Kennedy Theater

As Drs. Guerrero and Alicata know, several noteworthy students took away awards at Convocation today.

For our own purposes, in the DoP, several deserve special recognition:

  1. Dr. Kristen Teranishi took two awards.  She shared E.E. Black Community Service Award with Marina Morie, recognizing achievement in medical school as well as commitment to the school and community service through extracurricular work.  She was also the recipient of the Walter F. Char M.D. Prize in Psychiatry , for the student with the best performance in his/her clinical psychiatric clerkship.  Dr. Teranishi was one of 3 co-founders of the Psy-NSIG, the Psychiatry-Neurosciences Interest Group at JABSOM.  She joins DoP as a PGY-1 in July.
  2. The remaining two student co-founders of the Psy-NSIG were also major award recipients.

o   Dr. Sony (That Nam Tran) Ton took the Reddy Award in Pediatrics; and will in fact be entering pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

o   Dr. Adrian Jacques (Halcyon) Ambrose received the Dean’s Certificate of Distinction, in Social Justice.  Dr. Ambrose will be entering Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s program, the Dartmouth SoM Psychiatric Residency, in New Hampshire.

I was fortunate to speak at the AOA dinner Friday, to announce the graduates’ names on Saturday at UHM  commencement, and to be at the Convocation (including administering the Oath of Office to USAF Captain, Dr. Michelle Lee). So I was able to watch and listen to all of our new, junior colleagues in medicine at JABSOM at the crest of happiness, on the original 20-foot wave.  Few things compare with this.  I promise you that it beats watching professional sports.

(…okay, so I don’t know that much about professional sports.  But Libby does, and makes me watch hockey and UFC.  This was much cheerier, no hurtling projectiles, and no blood loss.  And no evidence of competition.)

Our incoming JABSOM grads are Drs. Andra Takayesu and Kristen Teranishi.  They report excitement.


WFH3 18 MAY 2014