December 2014 Updates and Announcements from the Executive Management Team

  • Congratulations!
    • Publications
      • Kelly C. Young-Wolff, PhD, MPH, Lori D. Karan, MD, Judith J. Prochaska, PhD, MPH. JAMA Psychiatry. Published online December 03, 2014. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2014.2224
      • Subudhi, A., Bucher, J., Bourdillon, N., Davis, C., Elliott, J. E., Eutermoster, M., Evero, O., Fan, J. L., Jameson-Van Houten, S., Julian, C. G., Kark, J., Kark, S., Kayser, B., Kern, J. P., Kim, S. E., Lathan, C., Laurie, S. S., Lovering, A. T., Paterson, R., Polaner, D., Ryan, B. J., Spira, J., Tsao, J. W., Wachsmuth, N. B., & Roach, R. C. (2014). AltitudeOmics: The integrative physiology of the onset and retention of acclimatization to hypoxia in humans. PLOS One, 9(3). doi:101371/journalpone0087989 [online]
      • Spira, J. L., Lathan, C. E., Bleiberg, J., & Tsao, J. W. (2014). The impact of multiple concussions on emotional distress, post-concussive symptoms, and neurocognitive functioning, in active duty United States Marines independent of combat exposure or emotional distress. Journal of Neurotrauma, 31, 1823-1834. doi:10.1089/neu.2014.3363
      • Guerrero, A. P. S. (2014). An approach to finding teaching moments on families and child development in Disney films. Academic Psychiatry. doi:10.1007/s40596-014-0240-6 [online]
      • Dr. Deborah Goebert, Professor, was interviewed on her and her colleague’s multi-site study on depression in medical students. The references is as follows: Rubin, R. (2014). Recent suicides highlight need to address depression in medical students and residents. Journal of the American Medical Association, 312, 1725-1727.
    • Awards
    • Dr. James Pearce was awarded the Excellence in Education from Straub.

    • Other
    • Dr. Shaylin Chock and family – new baby boy
      Dr. Jon Streltzer on his retirement from UH December 30.

  • Education and Training
  • CLER Site Visit will be on 12/16 and 17

  • Chair Updates:

IPASS Update


The Department of Psychiatry has initiated the IPASS system sign out into the clinical and training divisions. Training has begun in select areas, using the IPASS template in the Epic EHR. Our goal is to have all residents complete the IPASS video simulation by the end of January. Please see the link below for details.

IPASS Meeting Minutes 12-9-14