Jan 2017 Updates and Announcements from the Executive Management Team

  • Announcements:
    • Congratulations to the Child Program for a successful match!
  • Publications:
    • Schlozman, S., Beresin, E. V., Balon, R., Coverdale, J. H., Brenner, A. M., Louie, A. K., Guerrero, A. P. S., & Roberts, L. W. (2016). Stigma and mental health: A proposal for next steps. Academic Psychiatry, 40, 735-739.
    • Okihiro, M., Duke, L., Goebert, D., Ampolos, L., Camacho, C., Shanahan, N., Hishinuma, E., & Kaholokula, J. K. (2016). Promoting Optimal Native Outcomes (PONO) by understanding women’s stress experiences. Journal of Primary Prevention, 37(6). 10.1007/s10935-016-0460-5 [online first]
  • Chair’s updates: