January 2019 Updates and Announcements from the Executive Management Team

  • Awards and Recognitions:
    • Congratulations to Dr. Iqbal “Ike” Ahmed as the 2019 recipient of the American Psychiatric Association Jack Weinberg award.
  • Publications:
    • Schultz, B. R., Lu, B. Y., Onoye, J. M., & Toohey, T. P. (2018). High resource utilization of psychiatric emergency services by methamphetamine users. Hawai‘i Journal of Medicine and Public Health, 77(12), 312-314. https://www.hjmph.org/HJMPH_Dec18.pdf
    • Hirota, T., Guerrero, A., Sartorius, N., Fung, D., Leventhal, B., Ong, S. H., Kaneko, H., Apinuntavech, S., Bennett, A., Bhoomikumar, J., Cheon, K.-A., Davaasuren, O., Gau, S., Hall, B., Koren, E., van Nguyen, T., Oo, T., Tan, S., Tateno, M., Thikeo, M., Wiguna, T., Wong, M., Zheng, Y., & Skokauskas, N. (2018). Child and adolescent psychiatry in the Far East: A 5-year follow up on the Consortium on Academic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Far East (CACAP-FE) study. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 1-6. [online first]
  • Chair’s Update: