PSTY 499 Students Presented @ JABSOM Annual BioMed Symposium (4/25/19)

Trinh T & Goebert D. 2019. Youth voice in suicide prevention in Hawai`i. Poster, Biomedical Sciences & Health Disparities Symposium, Honolulu, HI.

Halvorson A & Helm S. 2019. Evidence of elevated substance use in high need low resource populations. A review of the publicly available literature. Poster, Biomedical Sciences & Health Disparities Symposium, Honolulu, HI.

PSTY 499: Directed Studies in Mental Health Research

  • Directed research courses provide students with direct, hands-on experience on real research projects currently facilitated by Principal Investigators in the Department of Psychiatry. Our programs of mental health research range from treatment studies, to prevention studies, to health promotion and policy studies, and systems of care; involve a variety of research methods and approaches; and cover the continuum of translational science. Seminars and projects reflect the Department of Psychiatry-Research Division’s emphasis on culture as an important factor in mental health.
  • To become eligible to enroll, students must submit a letter of interest to Dr. Susana Helm, along with their resume, current transcript, and a writing sample. Highly qualified students will be interviewed to determine student-mentor-project fit.
    • Undergraduate students may enroll in PSTY 499 with Psychiatry Faculty Mentor approval.
    • Graduate students may enroll in with their departmental and Psychiatry Faculty Mentor approval.