Mission, Vision, Shared Values

Mission Statement

The Department’s mission is to contribute to the overall mission of the John A. Burn’s School of Medicine by providing leadership in psychiatric education and training, research, faculty development and clinical services in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific Basin. The Department is committed to expanding knowledge within a cross-cultural, biological psychological and social framework.


The vision of the Department of Psychiatry is to be an excellent provider, employer, training program and research center in Hawai’i and the Asia/Pacific Region and to contribute to the overall JABSOM vision – as an integrated, academic mental healthcare model comprised of:

  • Education, training, and workforce development
  • Quality, accessible, and sustainable psychiatric care
  • Development of mental health policy
  • Mental health research and program evaluation that inform and improve all of the other components
  • Professional development, engagement, and mentorship of faculty, residents, and staff
  • Administration and business management

Shared Values

  • Aloha – the self-less giving without the expectation of reciprocity…the ability for us to empathize with others and treat our colleagues and those we serve with the sensitivity and respect that brings out their (and our) best qualities and strengths to define, then complete our tasks with excellence.
  • Lōkahi – the ability for us to be Servant-Leaders who strive to establish a set of working relationships that build a team or an ‘ohana…These relationships seek to achieve balance or harmony within ourselves and with others…It is balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of those we serve.
  • ‘Ohana – a family or team bonded by a continuous thread of history, culture and/or aims…While the environment can alter the shape and operations of the our Department, as an ‘Ohana, these changes will not sever the fundamental historical and strategic threads that define who we are and how we will respond in an unknown future. Our ‘Ohana faces adversity together, coalescing the sum of our diverse talents to create something new – to become something more than when we began. And, we savor and celebrate (without gloating or becoming complacent) our achievements.
  • Maika’i Loa – excellence in all we do as individuals and as members of our ‘ohana.