November 2014 Updates and Announcements Continued…


  • Dr. Amanda Schroepfer with Dr. Daniel Ulrich presented at the Hawaii American Academy of Pediatrics Island Style conference 11/13/2014.
  • Dr. Anthony Guerrero, Amanda Schroepfer, Mr. Fukuda with Dr. Lisa Serwin presented at the Medicine 2.0 World Congress at Maui 11/14/14.
  • Dr. Brett Lu with Dr. Aida Wen presenting for the State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias project on 12/16/14.
  • Dr. Junji Takeshita presenting at the 5th Annual National Update on Behavioral Emergencies Conference 12/2014.

November 2014 Updates and Announcements from the Executive Management Team


  • Announcements
  • Good luck to Dr. Shaylin Chock and family

  • Awards and recognitions:
    • Welcome back from presenting at the AACAP in San Diego: Drs. Daniel Alicata, Frederick Duennebier, Anthony Guerrero, Ryan Lunsford, and Dr. John McDermott. Also to our former graduates: Dr. Ruby Agoha and Alexis Aplasca.
    • Welcome back from presenting at the International Pacific Health Conference in New Zealand: Drs. Joy Andrade, Gretchen Gavero and Deborah Goebert.
    • Welcome back from the prestigious ABPN standards setting group in Chicago: Drs. Asad Ghiasuddin and Junji Takeshita.
    • Congratulations: American College of Psychiatrists:
      • Dr. William Haning III (election as member)
      • Dr. Junji Takeshita (election as member)
      • Dr. Anthony Guerrero (elevation to fellowship)
    • Congratulations to:
      • Dr. Kevin Buford (won a fellowship to the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry)
      • Dr. Ryan Louie (paper accepted to the AAAP)
      • Dr. Rajinderpal Singh (co-hosting sessions at The Institute for Psychiatric Services)
  • Other announcements:
  • The re-inauguration of the psychiatry-neurology specialty interest group, at a dinner at Dr. Haning’s house

  • Chair Updates:
  • State of the Department will be posted soon.

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