Patient Safety


The Queen’s Medical Center

  • Dr. Todd L. Allen, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer
  • Dr. Julius Pham, Chief Patient Safety Officer
  • Dr. Todd Seto, Director of Academic Affairs and Research
  • Dr. Anthony Guerrero, Chief of Psychiatry
  • QMC Remote Access to Intranet

Hawaii Pacific Health, inclusive of Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children and Straub Clinic and Hospital

  • Dr. Melinda Ashton, Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer

STOP Algorithms

Prior to discharging a patient:

  • Has the acute Suicidality or Safety concern been resolved?
  • Has Treatment been offered and documented?
  • Has Outpatient follow-up been offered and/or arranged?
  • Has the attending Psychiatrist (and, if necessary for challenging cases, a peer/second opinion) seen and/or appropriately staffed the case?

Prior to transferring a patient:

  • S = can the patient be SAFELY transferred, or what does the patient need in order to be transferred SAFELY (including suicide max sitter, PRN medication, etc.)
  • T = have medical TREATMENTS been completed, and if not, is the receiving unit able to and prepared to give the needed TREATMENTS
  • O= have ORDERS been handed off (physician to physician, nurse to nurse, etc.) and reconciled (including medications) with discontinuation of anything unnecessary; AND appropriate change of the attending’s name? Also, has the hospitalist team entered an inpatient psychiatry consult ORDER when a patient is being transferred from Kekela to the medical floor
  • P = have the attending PHYSICIANS (transferring and receiving) been fully apprised of all orders, interventions, handoffs; and has there been a clear demarcations between when one PHYSICIAN’S role ends and the other begins
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