Faculty Guidebook

The Department’s History Posted
Department of Psychiatry History 10/23/12
Mission and Vision Statements and Psychiatry’s Strategic Plan Posted
University of Hawai‘i at Manoa 10/23/12
John A. Burns School of Medicine 1/15/15
University Clinical, Education and Research Associates (UCERA) 8/2/17
Department of Psychiatry 10/23/12
Strategic Plan n/a
Department Organization and Personnel Posted
Psychiatry Overall Organizational Chart 7/20/16
Faculty and Staff List 11/10/14
Research Division 10/23/12
Standing Committees, Team, and Councils Posted
Standing Committees, Team, and Councils 10/23/12
Education and Training Division Posted
Education and Training Division 10/23/12
Medical Students Teaching Program 10/23/12
Residency Training Programs 10/23/12
Research and Evaluation Division Posted
Research and Evaluation Division 10/23/12
Ethics Guidelines for Community Engaged Scholarship 4/22/14
Research Compliance Packet 7/28/16
Clinical Services Division Posted
Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) Mental/Behavioral Health Services 10/23/12
Kapiolani Medical Center for Women’s and Children’s (KMCWC) Behavioral Health Services 10/23/12
UH Rural Health Collaboration/Telepsychiaty Initiative 10/23/12
University Clinical, Education and Research Associates (UCERA) 10/23/12
The Institute for Human Services (IHS) 10/23/12
Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) 10/23/12
Faculty Academic Work Requirements Posted
Please refer to your DoP faculty assignment and other faculty contracts for more information.
Faculty Compensation Program 11/20/13
PBL Teaching Requirements 10/23/12
Administrative Services Division Posted
1. Handbooks: Must adhere to policies and procedures by all employers regardless of your main employer.
UH Faculty Handbook 1/15/15
UH Employee Benefits 10/23/12
UH Administrative Procedures 10/23/12
JABSOM Policies and Procedures 10/23/12
RCUH Policies and Procedures 10/23/12
UCERA Handbook 11/5/14
2. UH Promotion and Tenure
UH Promotion and Tenure 1/15/15
3. Training
UCERA Code of Conduct 10/23/12
Workplace Non-Violence 10/23/12
Sexual Harassment – UH Policy 10/23/12
Sexual Harassment – UH Training website 10/23/12
Protecting Confidential Information 10/23/12
UH General Confidentiality 10/23/12
Information Security Policy Includes HIPAA 10/23/12
Use and Management of ITG Resources 10/23/12
4. General: Refer to your employer’s handbook and contacts for additional information. In some cases, contacts and handbooks supersede these guidelines.
General Administrative Guidelines

  • Business Cards
  • Cellular Phones
  • Compliance for business
  • Computers
  • Dress Code
  • Email Access
  • Leave
  • Long Distance Phone Calls
  • Outside employment
  • Pagers
  • Parking and Validation
  • Security Hours
  • Use of Department Equipment
5. Academic, Teaching, Research, and Scholarly Needs
Academic, Teaching, Research, and Scholarly Needs Administrative Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Interaction with Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Service of Process of Complaints and Subpoenas
  • UT Conference Rooms
  • Visiting Professor/Grand Rounds/CME Lectures
6. Other Information
Equal Employment Opportunities Practices 10/23/12
UH ID Cards 10/23/12
UHPA Contract Agreement 10/23/12
JABSOM-UCERA Claims-Made Professional Liability Insurance 10/23/12
Faculty Housing 10/23/12