Coordinating Center for the National Academic Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention


Director/Principal Investigator:
Jane Onoye, PhD

Abstract of Mission/Goals:
From 2000-2004, CDC undertook a formative evaluation entitled Report on Management Approaches of the National ACE Program. This evaluation examined various management approaches of other federal agencies to determine the level of coordination and collaboration needed for multi-site projects, particularly centers of excellence programs similar to the ACE Program. This evaluation demonstrated the need and utility of having a Coordinating Center to: 1) support program specific activities across the funded centers, 2) assist with cross-center networking activities and product development, and 3) facilitate the transfer of center program products and knowledge into youth violence prevention community practice.

Accordingly, beginning Fall 2006, the ACE Coordinating Center was added to the ACE Program. The purpose of the ACE Coordinating Center is to initiate, foster, and support coordinated efforts among the ACEs, UPACEs, and CDC in order to fulfill the overall goals and objectives of the ACE Program. The activities of the Coordinating Center will: 1) enable faster development, synthesis and broader dissemination of ACE specific and cross-ACE activities and products in youth violence research and practice, 2) serve as a key resource for the efficient national translation of knowledge generated by the ACE Program into health and community practice efforts, and 3) facilitate increased collaboration among organizations working to prevent youth violence to support the sustainability of programs and the advancement of national youth violence prevention initiatives.

Total Funding:

Funding Period:
2006 – 2011

Total Number of Years:

Funding Source:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Key Personnel/Staff:
Jane Onoye, Ph.D.
Gregory Mark, D.Crim.
Robert Cohen, Ph.D.
Earl Hishinuma, Ph.D.
Georgine Perez

National Academic Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention (ACEs), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, various youth violence prevention stakeholders from local and national community based organizations, agencies, and policymakers

Selected Accomplishments, Publications, Key Findings, etc.:
The National ACE Coordinating Center (NACECC) was the coordinating body for the ten ACEs, which were federally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC; 2005-2010/2006-2011 cycles; >$80 million total) to engage in research, surveillance, mobilization, and dissemination in youth violence prevention and intervention through partnership with targeted communities in various regions of the country. The NACECC was involved in the communication, dissemination, and collaborative activities of the ACEs, including planning of the research and collaboration agenda for annual National ACE grantee meeting, organizing cross-collaborative presentations of important ACE youth violence prevention research at national meetings, and assisting in the implementation and monitoring of the National ACE Action Plan. The ACE Action Plan outlined key cross-ACE activities in surveillance, measurement, policy and education, and community mobilization to help advance the national agenda for research and educate legislators and policymakers on youth violence prevention issues.

Timely Information:
The National ACE Coordinating Center website is maintained for archival purposes at

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