National Center on Indigenous Hawaiian Behavioral Health


Principal Investigator:
Deborah Goebert, Dr.P.H.

Cultural Mentor:
Naleen Andrade, M.D.

Abstract of Mission/Goals:
The strategic aim and purpose is to develop and conduct a comprehensive program of: (a) epidemiological, translational, community-based, clinical and preventive intervention and neuroscience research; (b) clinician-educator-researcher education/training; and (c) culturally effective diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Total Funding:
Over $10.9 million

Funding Period:
1990 – present

Total Number of Years:
More than 20 years

Funding Source:
National Institute of Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Queen Emma Foundation, John A. Burns Foundation, Hawai‘i Department of Health, and other private funders

Key Personnel/Staff:
Dan Alicata, M.D.
Naleen Andrade, M.D.
Barry Carlton, M.D.
Jane Chung-Do, Dr.P.H.
Mike Fukuda, M.S.W.
Deborah Goebert, Dr.P.H.
Anthony Guerrero, M.D.
Susana Helm, Ph.D.
Earl Hishinuma, Ph.D.
Chad Koyanagi, M.D.
Brett Lu, M.D.
Courtenay Matsu, M.D.
Stephanie Nishimura, Ph.D.
Celia Ona, M.D.
Jane Onoye, Ph.D.
Davis Rehuher, B.A.
Jeanelle Sugimoto-Matsuda, M.S.
Junji Takeshita, M.D.
Steven Williams, M.D.

Various local communities, state agencies, and health care organizations

Selected Accomplishments, Publications, Key Findings, etc.:
The NCIHBH has developed an extensive history of work in epidemiological research, with emphasis in adolescent/youth mental health and substance use, ethnocultural context and identity. Through community-based approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration, the NCIHBH is currently moving toward culturally based intervention research and translation in partnership with community hospitals and health care organizations.

Sub-project #1:
Native Hawaiian Mental Health Research Development Program (1990-1996)

Sub-project #2:
Pacific People’s Mental Health Research Support Program (2000-2006)

Sub-project #3:
University of Hawai‘i Rural Health Collaboration

Sub-project #4:
The Hawai‘i’s Caring Communities Initiative for Youth Suicide Prevention

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