Pacific Addiction Research Center (PARC)

Principal Investigator:
William Haning, M.D.

Abstract of Mission/Goals:
We hope to increases knowledge and to offer the community participation in trials of treatment that will increase the effectiveness of our efforts and improve life for the people of Hawai‘i and Hawai‘i’s visitors.

The PARC® was founded in 2000 partly in response to the increasing epidemic service mission derives from the participants’ recognition that progress in management of this lethal class of diseases has been less-than-dramatic, since 1935. The research sallies in Hawai‘i had previously been sporadic and uncoordinated.  We aimed to ultimately correct this.

PARC® joined the Methamphetamine Clinical Trials group (MCTG) which was established by NIDA to facilitate development & testing of potential new medications & behavioral therapies of methamphetamine abuse treatment. Hawai‘i contributes a diverse culture with many ethnicities that includes Pacific Islanders (Hawaiian, Samoan, and Tongan). Although one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawai‘i has also developed an adverse reputation for use and distribution of drugs. This probably derives from multiple causes that include: its function as a trade nexus, the servie-level economy, and its role as a place of leisure and recreation.  As a research site PARC has conducted clinical trials focusing on drug dependence; consultation on other sites and projects (fMRI, IDEAL, ADAD-SPF/DIG); training/education proposals. As a Colloquium, PARC provides for a cross-over, interdisciplinary forum for development and monitoring of addiction research initiatives. PARC also serves as a training site for PGY5 fellows in Addiction Psychiatry/Addiction Medicine. It hosts volunteer research trainees (undergraduate level), and is open to medical students and residents on electives. It has funded one PGY5 research fellow (Dr. Charlie Park), now on faculty of University of Colorado.

Total Funding:
$2.3 million (across 4 projects)

Funding Period:
2001 to 2011/present

Total Number of Years:
Continuing entity

Funding Source:
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), U.S. Department of Transportation (SBIRT), and U.S. Department of Justice through the State of Hawaii Department of Public Safety (Byrne grant)

Key Personnel/Staff:
William Haning M.D. (PI)
Deborah Goebert Dr.P.H. (Co-I)
Rick Rawson Ph.D. (UCLA)
Deb Kissinger D.O. (Fellow)
John Hunsaker M.D. (Fellow)
Barry Carlton, M.D. (Faculty Sub-I)
Mike Palazzo Ph.D. (Byrne grant)
Ami Scronce (Administrative Assistant)

Selected Accomplishments, Publications, Key Findings, etc.:
We are a collection of varying interests surrounding various projects. Medications that have been explored or are in review include bupropion, ondansetron, topiramate, and modafinil. PARC® faculty have presented nationally and internationally, and have a developing body of literature from the research. Additionally, PARC® reaches out to the community through projects that include the Mayor’s Task Force on Drug Abuse, continuing medical education sessions, and the annual Hawai‘i Addiction Conference (last in March 2010).

For a list of publications, please refer to the DoP Dissemination List

Timely Information:
We will again host our annual Hawai‘i Addiction Conference on May 25, 2012. This conference will feature various experts in the field of addictions from various parts of the country. As the agenda for the conference is developed it will be posted on the Departmental CME page.

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