Statewide System of Care for Substance Use/Abuse Prevention & Treatment

Statewide System of Care for Substance Use/Abuse Prevention & Treatment

Summary & Description
The Department of Psychiatry Research Division is partnering with the State of Hawai`i, Department of Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) on a set of projects designed to improve the state’s system of care.

  • Our Youth Needs Assessments are designed to address both general youth needs via a school-based alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD) survey, as well as special populations of youth who experience an elevated need for interventions.
  • Our State Plan project is designed to assist ADAD to fulfill its 2018 strategic plan by emphasizing a data-driven system of care. ADAD’s 2018 strategic plan states that the division’s “efforts are designed to promote a statewide culturally appropriate, comprehensive system of substance abuse services to meet the treatment and recovery needs of individuals and families and to address the prevention needs of communities” (page 3). To this end, we are collaborating with Dr. Victoria Fan in the Office of Public Health Studies for our Data Analytics Infrastructure Core. Within DoP, Dr. Jane Onoye serves as the Director for the System of Care Implications Core (chapters of the plan), and Dr. Susana Helm serves as the Director for the Adult Treatment Needs Assessment Core and the Culture Case Study Core which focuses on youth prevention in collaboration with Native Hawaiian communities.
ATOD Survey Special Populations State Plan
Jan 2019-Dec 2021 Jan 2019-Jun 2021 Jun 2019–Dec 2022
PI: Jane Onoye, PhD PI: Susana Helm, PhD PI: Susana Helm, PhD
Co-PI: Susana Helm, PhD Co-PI: Jane Onoye, PhD Co-PI: Victoria Fan, DSc.
Key Pers.: Tai-An Miao, PhD Key Pers.: Robin Zeller, MA Key Pers.: Jane Onoye, PhD

Selected Opportunities & Accomplishments
Student & Volunteer Opportunities

  1. 1. PSTY 499 Directed Studies in Mental Health Research
  2. 2. PH 792 & 794 Mental Health Research in Public Health

Peer-Reviewed Presentations

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