National Center on Indigenous Hawaiian Behavioral Health

University of Hawaii Rural Health Collaboration

Having confirmed a tremendous need among indigenous Hawaiian communities in the State of Hawaii through its epidemiological research, the NCIHBH is now focusing on interventions and integrating clinical services, teaching, and practice to research and translational research through the Department of Psychiatry’s University of Hawaii Rural Health Collaboration. The Collaboration addresses the need for service, training, and research on outer island communities in the State of Hawaii. Traditionally, the outer islands have had limited or no access to behavioral health services due to limited number of psychiatrist practicing on their islands. The Rural Behavioral Health Program addresses access issues through service-learning; post-medical doctorate trainees (residents) have the opportunity to train in rural outer island sites through telepsychiatry. We believe this program allows greater access to behavioral health for outer island residents, increases the probability that our residents (work force development) will work in a rural area through exposure by the program, and access, outcomes and satisfaction will be equal or better to traditional office visits.

Article: “Psychiatrists Get Creative in Hawaii’s Remote Regions”


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