National Center on Indigenous Hawaiian Behavioral Health

Pacific Peoples’ Mental Health Research Support Program (PPMHRSP)
Principal Investigator: Naleen Andrade, M.D.

The Native Hawaiian Mental Health Research Development Program provided the foundation and the springboard for the Pacific People’s Mental Health Research Support Program (2000-2006; funded by a minority infrastructure grant from the National Institute of Mental Health) that enhance the ongoing research development initiative within the Department of Psychiatry, and serves as the nidus for attaining the Department’s vision of establishing a strong interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, mental-health-related research program for Asian and Pacific Islanders.

  • Specific Aim #1: to strengthen and expand the Department of Psychiatry’s existing research infrastructure, which will identify potential researchers, from various academic levels and mental-health-related disciplines and provide research training, mentoring, and technical and administrative support.
  • Specific Aim #2: Conduct Individual Investigator Research Projects which assess significant mental health problems facing Hawaiians, Asians, and other Pacific Islanders. Projects include:
    • Study 1: Hawaii High School Health Study to investigate the mental health of adolescents and young adults who are either Native Hawaiian or non-Hawaiian. The study will further contribute to the empirical foundation and to theories of cross-cultural psychiatry and adolescent development.
    • Study 2: Is Patient Ethnicity Related to the Public Mental Health Care for State Hospital Psychiatric Inpatients? This study will assess the associations between ethnicity and psychiatric admissions, diagnoses, types of treatment, and treatment outcomes in a multiethnic, Asian/Pacific Islander inpatient population.
    • Findings from both projects will inform future prevention programs and treatment interventions.


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