IT Tips & Guides

IT Q&A Series Posted
Audience Response System, PollEverywhere 2/7/17
Task Manager, Ransomware Malware 11/1/16
Zoom Overview, Xerox Scanning 10/4/16
Twitter Basics 5/3/16
Outlook Search, Outlook Folders and Rules 11/3/15
Share Outlook Calendar, Cloud Storage Security, MS Word/Excel/PDF Encryption, Keyboard Shortcuts 12/2/14
Keyboard Shortcuts, Screenshots, SSD, VSee, UH File Drop, LastPass 6/3/14
Jump Lists, Stickies 12/9/13
Screenshot, Lync, TeamViewer, Word Track Changes, Endnote 11/5/13
General Information Posted
AXIS 211W User Guide for QCS 6/26/14
IT Security & Protection of Sensitive Information 2/25/13
E2.214_Attachment I – UH Confidentiality Notice 7/24/08
Email – Confidentiality Notice Signature 12/13/07
Queen’s IT/Remote Access/Care*Link/Logician Posted
North Hawaii Guide 3/12/18
QMC Jabber Guide 3/7/18
Connect to QMCGUEST WiFi 8/13/13
Java Error on Load 6/15/11
Add Local Printer to Care*Link 6/15/11
Video Teleconferencing Posted
GBB 301 Large Conference Room AV and VTC User Guide 5/22/14
DOP Video Teleconferencing Request Form 11/25/08
Polycom VSX 7000 Video Teleconferencing System User Guide 7/31/08
LifeSize Passport Video Teleconferencing System User Guide for UT4 1/17/13
LifeSize Passport Video Teleconferencing System User Guide for AMB18 1/15/13
Xerox WorkCentre 5150 Scanning Guide for GBB 301 Research 12/2/13
Windows XP & Windows 7 Posted
Hard Drive Disposal Guide 9/10/09
Delete Your Computer Files Permanently 7/24/08
Resize Large Image Files 5/28/08
Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 User Guide 5/6/08
Network Printer Setup (Win7) 3/28/12
Convert Documents to PDF using CutePDF (freeware) 4/29/08
Xerox WorkCentre 5150 Scanning Guide for QUT 4 9/17/13
Microsoft Office Posted
Encrypt MS Office 2007/2010 Files 2/25/13
Mac PowerPoint Image Error on PC 5/29/08
PowerPoint Tips & Tricks 5/16/08
Insert Online Web Video into PowerPoint 2003 7/6/09
Open MS Office 2007 Files in Previous Versions of MS Office 4/29/08
DOP Email & User Account Posted
DOP Office365 Email Access 7/10/13
Email Large Files With UH File Drop 1/2/09
Change Your DOP Email and Shared Folder Password 7/26/13
Archive and Backup Your DOP Email (Outlook 2010) 1/2/13
Allow Other DOP Users to Access Your Personal Outlook Calendar 4/29/08
Setup Automated Out of Office Reply for DOP Email 4/29/08
Links Posted
UH Information Technology Services 1/30/12
JABSOM Office of Information Technology 1/30/12