Screening Tools & Rating Scales

Sleep Posted
Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire 9/12/12
Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire 9/12/12
DSM Posted
eBooks 11/24/09
Developmental Posted
Autism Screening M-CHAT Test 11/24/09
Autism Screening M-CHAT Score 11/24/09
Australian Scale for Asperger 11/24/09
Attention/Cognition Posted
ADD/H Adolescent Self-Report Scale broken link!
Vanderbilt ADHD Rating Forms 11/24/09
American Academy of Pediatrics ADHD Toolkit broken link!
Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS V1.1) broken link!
Sentence Completion for Children 11/24/09
The Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test 11/24/09
Trail MakingTest 11/24/09
Mental Status Assessment of Older Adults: The Mini-Cog broken link!
Folstein Mini Mental Status 11/24/09
Incomplete Sentences Blank – Adult Form 11/24/09
Jung’s Word Association Test Form 11/24/09
Baker InPatient Quality of Life
Home Situations Questionnaire 11/24/09
Mood Disorders Posted
NIMH TIS Trichotillomania Impairment Scale 12/15/08
NIMH TSS Trichotillomania Symptom Severity Scale 12/15/08
Center for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale for Children 11/24/09
Center for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale for Adults 11/24/09
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
Young Mania Rating Scale – Parent Version 11/24/09
Mood Disorders Questionnaire 11/24/09
Anxiety Disorders Posted
The Self-Report for Childhood Anxiety Related Disorders: Child broken link!
The Self-Report for Childhood Anxiety Related Disorders: Parent broken link!
Yale-Brown Obsessive-compulsive Scale
Y-BOCS Symptom Checklist 11/24/09
Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS) 11/24/09
NIMH Screening Test for OCD broken link!
Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale broken link!
Impact Event Scale broken link!
Impact of Event Scale-revised 11/24/09
Movement Disorders Posted
AIMS Instructions 11/24/09
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale 11/24/09
The AIMS Exam broken link!
Psychotic Disorders Posted
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) broken link!
Other Resources Posted
UCLA School Mental Health Project 10/26/12
Massachusetts General School Psychiatry: Table of All Screening Tools and Rating Scales 11/24/09
Cytochrome P450 interaction table 2/20/08
APA Diagnostic Classification 11/24/09
Textbooks by Specialty – Pediatrics broken link!
Psych Central 11/24/09
Managing aggressive or oppositional behavior in school or at home 11/24/09
Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health – Volume II, Tool Kit 11/24/09