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1/30/14 Earth Day Planning Committee Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

  1. Open producteev

  2. Funding – ASUH, SAPFB, Chancellor

  3. Carbon Offsets – Facilities

  4. Parking –

  5. Security

  6. Participant contact – need to check regularly

  7. Website – Zach can update with agenda/minutes

  8. Facebook

  9. Outreach – Tabling, Flyers

  10. T-shirts

  11. Volunteer Engagement – Google Drive – always send them meeting invites/updates


  12. Concert / Music

  13. Beergarden?

Call for Involvement in Earth Day Planning

The Earth Day 2014 planning committee is calling for student and faculty involvement! Anyone is welcome to join our weekly meetings in the Sustainability Courtyard at 4:30 every Thursday. We’re looking for people with the desire to help with tasks, share ideas, or learn more about Earth Day. Just look for the Earth Day Planning sign on one of the tables. Feel free to simply stop by or contact one of the event coordinators here.

Hope to see you there!

1/16/14 Earth Day Planning Committee Minutes

Meeting Minutes

ASUH Funding can be allocated through a bill – Gary (senator) and Frankie (VP) of ASUH are helping:

  • $50 for screenprinting materials, $5/shirt * 200 = 1,000 (buy from thrift stores and get donated ones)

  • money for paints for signage and materials?

  • Security/Parking (Kawela will follow up)

  • Need to do tents & map

Food services meeting with Andy & Anoi: no outside vendors allowed to sell food. We are asking about student/farm produce and poi pounding to see if either are okay

New theme: Green cities

 Poster for “Earth Day planning meeting thu @430 sustainability courtyard”