Tue 4/8

@ the meeting: Nesh, Brian, Jonathan, Zach, Doorae, Jim

Doorae – add pdf of flyer to website

Kokua Market / Food:

  • >90% local with a focus on organic – food comes @ 1130 & 430
  • reusable pans/spoons – can anyone drive back to Kokua that night or next morning? Zach may be able to send  back
  • No disposables being brought – volunteers bring own utensils/plates (Da Spot may be able to provide) – wash dishes – Jonathan & Zach & other volunteers
  • Put out a call to bring utensils / plates
  • Can anyone bring a cooler? Nesh, Brian, Jonathan, Zach
  • Need to update them w/ volunteer head count
  • They are partially sponsoring through discounting food – adding them to flyer/banner
  • Kokua may want to table at ED – Lynn (GM) will let us know this week 941-1922

Sponsor update (jonathon): will go around to get donations for trivia

Zach can reserve our tent from CCMES & do the math for how many tents/tables/chairs needed by Thu or Saturday at the latest –> & ask about projector being outdoor ( to project flyer/banner)

Tent donations: Jim will check on their other tent (by next meeting Thu), Jonathan bringing 2 tents & one participant who can donate (Zach knows), ask G & V for tents (Doorae)

Parking: Zach will pay for all passes upfront and distribute & he can get reimbursed; Brian will ask tonight who needs passes (performers)

Goodwill run – get other stuff

Update on graphics (Brian/Alejandro): 18×5 really big – ask Jessica to shrink the size of banner – Brian will drop by tomorrow to CC Graphics & dimensions for real estate signs

  • Gotta order this week to post up next week (must be ready by Wednesday 16th)
  • Pick up?
  • Put banners up on Thu 4/17 @ 11AM in Sust Courtyard (one week of outreach) – need a ladder (Roxanne?) – Zach has string/rope/knife
  • Who can do flyer printing & posting up? Scrap paper & bulletin boards

Lisa & Jon work for Student Housing – Can ask RA’s to send blasts

Kona Brewing Co – Lisa, can Ryan pick up on Wed 4/23 or the day of 4/24 – phone #?

  • Glass dept may  be able to use the bottles (Doorae will ask Jon Holshue about this)

Someone check ecology@hawaii.edu e-mail & organize it? Will send password

Post-Earth Day potluck @ beach

UHPro/KTUH (Alejandro/Muiydeen)

  • Laurie Hubbs – Jonathan will ask her if she can videograph
  • Paolo – Doorae will follow up
  • Nesh will ask photographer

Doorae look at Nesh’s trivia questions

African drumming (Alejandro)

Mike Tom from Sodexo bringing bar stool for Mike Love

Music near HIG auditorium? Equipment comes early and then wherever outlets are, the tent will go & musicians will play – Jonathan is in charge