4/15 Meeting

Kokua Market / Food:

  • No disposables being brought – volunteers bring own utensils/plates (Da Spot may be able to provide) – wash dishes – Jonathan & Zach & other volunteers
  • Put out a call to bring utensils / plates
  • Need to update them w/ volunteer head count
  • Kokua may want to table at ED – Lynn (GM) will let us know this week 941-1922
  • Doorae needs to send them a reminder to send us an invoice

Sponsor update (jonathon): will go around to get donations for trivia

Zach update on CCMES & number of tents/tables/chairs needed & ask about projector being outdoor ( to project flyer/banner) 50 chairs and 15 tables comes out to $263

Need to meet this weekend to call participants and confirm things like parking passes, tents, chairs… Saturday at 1:30 Sinclair 2nd floor. Zach, Brian, John

Tent donations: Jim can bring a tent

Parking: Zach will pay for all passes upfront and distribute & he can get reimbursed; Brian will ask who needs passes (performers) update? Bart wants 3

Doorae-send brian map for musicians

Wyatt still interested in being the sound guy?

Update on graphics?

  • Pick up?
  • Put banners up on Thu 4/17 @ 4:15 in Sust Courtyard (one week of outreach) – need a ladder (Roxanne?) – Zach has string/rope/knife/ladder
  • Who can do flyer printing & posting up? Scrap paper & bulletin boards
  • Do the flyers on Monday (Zach will print them out at home Wednesday night)
  • Meet at Sustainability Courtyard everyday next week for lunch to pass out flyers (11:30-12)

Lisa & Jon work for Student Housing – Can ask RA’s to send blasts-update?

Move music over to Kuykendall

Kona Brewing Co – Lisa, can Ryan pick up on Wed 4/23 or the day of 4/24 – phone #?

  • Glass dept may  be able to use the bottles (Jon will take the bottles for the art department)

Post-Earth Day potluck @ beach

UHPro/KTUH (Alejandro/Muiydeen)- Brian will email

  • Paolo will do video!
  • Nesh will ask photographer

Nesh’s trivia questions


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