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4/15 Meeting

Kokua Market / Food:

  • No disposables being brought – volunteers bring own utensils/plates (Da Spot may be able to provide) – wash dishes – Jonathan & Zach & other volunteers
  • Put out a call to bring utensils / plates
  • Need to update them w/ volunteer head count
  • Kokua may want to table at ED – Lynn (GM) will let us know this week 941-1922
  • Doorae needs to send them a reminder to send us an invoice

Sponsor update (jonathon): will go around to get donations for trivia

Zach update on CCMES & number of tents/tables/chairs needed & ask about projector being outdoor ( to project flyer/banner) 50 chairs and 15 tables comes out to $263

Need to meet this weekend to call participants and confirm things like parking passes, tents, chairs… Saturday at 1:30 Sinclair 2nd floor. Zach, Brian, John

Tent donations: Jim can bring a tent

Parking: Zach will pay for all passes upfront and distribute & he can get reimbursed; Brian will ask who needs passes (performers) update? Bart wants 3

Doorae-send brian map for musicians

Wyatt still interested in being the sound guy?

Update on graphics?

  • Pick up?
  • Put banners up on Thu 4/17 @ 4:15 in Sust Courtyard (one week of outreach) – need a ladder (Roxanne?) – Zach has string/rope/knife/ladder
  • Who can do flyer printing & posting up? Scrap paper & bulletin boards
  • Do the flyers on Monday (Zach will print them out at home Wednesday night)
  • Meet at Sustainability Courtyard everyday next week for lunch to pass out flyers (11:30-12)

Lisa & Jon work for Student Housing – Can ask RA’s to send blasts-update?

Move music over to Kuykendall

Kona Brewing Co – Lisa, can Ryan pick up on Wed 4/23 or the day of 4/24 – phone #?

  • Glass dept may  be able to use the bottles (Jon will take the bottles for the art department)

Post-Earth Day potluck @ beach

UHPro/KTUH (Alejandro/Muiydeen)- Brian will email

  • Paolo will do video!
  • Nesh will ask photographer

Nesh’s trivia questions


Kokua, Da Spot, ASUH, SAPFB, Hare Krishna, Down to Earth, Chancellors, Kona Brewing

Thurs 4/10

Notes from 4/10/14 Meeting

Who is here?: Johathan, Jim Brewer, Brian, Wyatt, Michael Tom, Zach



-hare krishna agreed to be a sponsor; going to waimanalo on saturday to meet them

need tent space (zach will do)


-talk to Hawaii Energy about sponsorship

-send list of sponsors to John


-ask musicians about parking passes

-Follow through with jazz band performing

-need to get banner done ASAP (Brian will try to expedite)


-has two tents (one can be donated)

-reserve tent at corner of bamboo

-may be interested in sponsoring (zach will send sponsorship letter)


-icommit campaign


-ask about music equip that can be rented from music dept

Agenda & Notes for 3/11/14 Meeting

Attendees & what you want to write a book on: Doorae (giving rights to nature), Zach (development of human nature over time), Lisa (intersectionality of -isms -sex, race, etc), Matthias (surfing – hes an invasive species from the mainland), Wyatt (reducing pesticide runoff), Nesh (about writing books about writing environmental books), Brian (reverse racism being nonexistant), Jonathon ( – add to volunteer list


Updates on parking passes/tents/tables/chairs – havent heard back from Jason from parking to determine how to distribute

CC MES – have lots of tables ($5) & chairs ($2) & ONE tent which we will use ($20) & possibility for set up costs / labor – by this weekend

Budget details – drafted, anyone can edit based on whats happening with budget – can post a link to google doc:

Update on interactive google map – add loading zones, food vendors, stage – by 3/11 midnight:

Talk about timeline for participant coordination – zach made one

Invite KUPU

Start thinking about the vetting process for participants – to talk about next Tuesday meeting 3/18

  • who do we want to reach out to?
  • who doesn’t meet the criteria

Facebook event made! Please join and like with friends


  • Lisa will contact a few people with nice logos by weekend to try to get logo
  • Doorae will send Lisa contacts of people who have offered to design: Roger Kelly , Kaley, etc

Sponsorship: kalo (taro), ʻulu (breadfruit), maiʻa (banana)

  • Down to Earth (Brian) / Kokua Market (Lisa) / Da Spot (Doorae) / Blue Tree Cafe / Greens & Vines (Doorae) / Peace Cafe / Revolusun (Lisa) / Re-use Hawaii (Kawela) / HI Energy (Zach)
  • Give them a plant? LIVING TROPHY –  Matthias can get for free from Lyon Arboretum – get confirmation by Tuesday before 430 meeting
  • Wyatt can draft letter by next Thu 3/20 before meeting
  • Zach has list of people who wanted more information when participants filled out form – HI Energy, Sodexo, etc – lets reach out to them – he will add by this weekend

Tree Planting

  • McCarthy mall: Hamilton and Keller, Thursday March 27, 2014, 8am-2pm. Hamilton – native plants; Keller – Tropical plants – Spring Break – 8am -2pm, (Brian, Zach, Cali, Nesh, Doorae, Matthias, Jonathan Petitt)
  • Hawaii Hall Quad in front of Architecture, April 10, 2014, noon-2pm -planting to expand Joseph Rock palm collection – Doorae, Nesh, Jonathan & Brian can do 12 – 2pm, Gary can do 12 -115, maybe Zach
  • Sustainability Courtyard, Earth Day, Time: TBD – planting Laua’e  under Fiddlewood trees to replace those that were lost; Cleaning up planters throughout the courtyard – anyone?
  • ask Roxanne Adams –

NEW meetings to meet twice a week: TUESDAYS @ 430, Sustainability Courtyard – workday and updates one hour meeting for all planners

Random: Keystone XL Campaign – Lisa & Tim Vandeveer collab with ACLU – sometime in March – civil disobedience

Petition campaign – wear gas masks – Matthias & Nesh will get or look

Trivia to give away things – Nesh will have draft 20-30 questions before Thursday morning


2/20/14 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Earth Day Planning Meeting Agenda and Minutes for 2/20/14

Updates all around:


  • sign painting for courtyard to mark entrances – need hinges and 1x2s to frame them
  • possible work day next week tuesday or thursday (12-3), Sustainability Courtyard
  • maybe buy tshirts from thrift stores for Earth Day shirts


  • ASUH meeting on next week wednesday (2/26) to secure funding for security, entertainment equipment, etc


  • Met with Michael Tom from Manoa Dining Services – needs volunteers for tent day of
  • Paul Izak confirmed to play during day of Earth Day


Doorae: Update from UHM Sust Council Steering Committee Feedback:

  • Bike event legacy oath 8-10 at legacy path w chancellor and mayor doing bike challenge arriving at 9
  • Asuh bill – through office of planning or Roxanne or Daniele durp. Check where $ went in past
  • Beer garden inconsistent with theme? Liability concern? Different beverages (ginger)Pacifikool?
  • Night = Eat the street w/ concert? Nicole will ask Andy/Anoi @ Food Services if nighttime is ok for outside vendors
  • Idea: Kealoha for poetry for legislature (Philip) with mural/banner painting in the back (Aurora can paint if we can get supplies) – this would be awesome!
  • Evan will try to contact Kealoha
  • Regular event: 1st Thursdays? High visibility event once a month to celebrate the art, grounds, etc – Susan can ask about any updates regarding this


  • Volunteer Coordinator (Cali) Update: Need to send a call for volunteers & participants to for announce mailing list – include links to forms, FB, website. Same for SLD. Any other listservs to go to? Also need to conduct an exit interview (other volunteer could help draft),
  • Participant Coordinator (Zach): Update. Need to follow up with those invited to engage them and remind them. We can split this up if needed (everyone should personally reach out to 5-10 clubs/depts/orgs).
  • Web/Facebook (Zach): Update. Need an event through our page created to start the buzz and get people to add to calendar. New facebook ID:
  • Evan will create an instagram to advertise Earth Day
  • Doorae: will do calendar submissions to manoa happenings, SLD, other calendars – Brian will help with this
  • Audiovisual update from Zach: can provide basic PA
  • Advertising: Cali – quote for banner? Campus Center graphics: 956-7219 open 830-530 M-F – may be cheaper (ask if they can print on eco-friendly material)
  • Can banner be printed on both sides?
  • Funding: SAPFB (follow up needed?)
  • Future Task: Get in contact with departments in proximity of Sustainability Courtyard to manage sound amplification
  • Brian: Update from Art Dept?
  • Budget & T-shirts are TBD
  • Map: Zach – Cycle Manoa will do bike sale – lets allocate space for this
  • Doorae can contact UH Productions to make video of Earth Day
  • Real estate signs along Legacy Path – need to get permission to put them there ourselves
  • Contact KTUH to play music if we need to spread out to Holmes lawn
  • Possibility of using stage on Kuykendall side of wall


Funding possibilities:

  • sponsorship with Hawaiian plants as different levels ($100, $500, $1000) – will brainstorm and vote on ideas next week

2/13/14 Meeting

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Earth Day – Thu 4/24/14 10am-4pm in Sustainability Courtyard with night concert 5-10 (location? keep at SC for now, and consider alternatives if needed later)

SITE MEETING WITH ROXANNE – We can fit at least 41 tents. Zach will compile map and create so we can send in to WCC to finalize space request

  • We need to generate a work order with Daylen to request use of electricity, moving of tables/plants, etc. We will need help in the morning to set up and then at 4 to put things back
  • Doorae let Andy/Anoi know we will move tables


  • The big banner will be 18-20 ft x 3 ft – Cali will get a quote from eco-printing store
  • $500 for 10 real estate signs along legacy path on week of event – need to think about it

DESIGN UPDATE – Brian will ask art dept for designers, Gary will ask friend to help

BEER GARDEN – Gary will work with SLAM on this – glass dept provide cups to drink out of? Everything should be BYO, so maybe keg?

ASUH FUNDING – DELAYED for 2 weeks, to go through Manoa Sustainability Council instead of Ecology Club

SECURITY – we will hope to get 2 officers for whole day/night ($1000 from ASUH?)





EXIT INTERVIEW – Cali can work on this or have a volunteer create one. We can have tablets to have people fill out as theyre leaving (Goal: 100 surveys). This will guide our debrief and help next years planning committee

OTHER THINGS? need to ask Manoa Sustainability Council and other faculty/staff to take shifts for Earth Day/beergarden volunteering

Zach will ask dad for sound system

Doorae followed up with Mike Love and band to see where they want to play

Planting Trees to Offset Carbon Emissions from Earth Day


In this day in age, it’s a difficult feat to organize and host an event like UH Manoa’s Earth Day without having some sort of impact on the environment. One of the main goals of the Earth Day 2014 planning committee is doing all we can to reduce and even offset these negative impacts. So, this year there will be tree planting throughout campus both before and after the event, specifically to offset carbon emissions associated with transportation of equipment and traffic to and from campus. This is going to be awesome!

UH MANOA EARTH DAY 2014: Thursday, April 24th, 10am-4pm. SUSTAINABILITY COURTYARD

1/30/14 Earth Day Planning Committee Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

  1. Open producteev

  2. Funding – ASUH, SAPFB, Chancellor

  3. Carbon Offsets – Facilities

  4. Parking –

  5. Security

  6. Participant contact – need to check regularly

  7. Website – Zach can update with agenda/minutes

  8. Facebook

  9. Outreach – Tabling, Flyers

  10. T-shirts

  11. Volunteer Engagement – Google Drive – always send them meeting invites/updates


  12. Concert / Music

  13. Beergarden?

Call for Involvement in Earth Day Planning

The Earth Day 2014 planning committee is calling for student and faculty involvement! Anyone is welcome to join our weekly meetings in the Sustainability Courtyard at 4:30 every Thursday. We’re looking for people with the desire to help with tasks, share ideas, or learn more about Earth Day. Just look for the Earth Day Planning sign on one of the tables. Feel free to simply stop by or contact one of the event coordinators here.

Hope to see you there!