The Earth Day Event at UH Mānoa is an annual tradition which promotes existing sustainability efforts on-campus and in the community to foster networking, involvement, inspiration, and a sense of momentum among student, faculty, staff, and administration in sustainability and environmental protection.


Earth Day at UH Mānoa should:

  1. Bring awareness to student clubs, departments at UH, organizations, and businesses involved in sustainability & their current projects, campaigns, services, or products

  2. Leave students more connected, empowered, involved and passionate about sustainability

  3. Leave participants feeling rewarded after the event

  4. Foster a sense of momentum around sustainability on Oʻahu

  5. Inspire participants to get/stay involved in environmental work


The goals of Earth Day at UH Mānoa are to:

  1. Be inclusive of on-campus, for-profit, and non-profit entities

  2. Be a model of sustainability through:

    1. serving local, organic, vegetarian/vegan food; provide only reusable or compostable products for foodservice. All food vendors must comply with these guidelines to participate. 2014 vendors: Govinda’s, Da Spot, India Cafe & Honolulu Gourmet

    2. promoting and/or selling environmentally focused products, services, projects, etc.

    3. Attempts to be minimize waste and seek carbon-neutrality. In conjunction with Building and Grounds Management and the supervision of Roxanne Adams, carbon offsets through tree and plant planting in March and April will take place at the UH Mānoa campus.

    4. Mindful outreach: flyers will be printed on scrap paper (available at QLC recycling bins), and the event should otherwise be paperless whenever possible.

    5. If t-shirts or other materials are bought/made, sustainable sourcing is necessary (organic cotton, local companies, used/donated shirts for screening)

  3. Be a fun event with a full program including guest speakers, campus representatives, local music, poetry, and/or art

  4. Be a collaborative effort of positive energy and hard work

  5. Affirm UH Mānoa’s presence in the environmental movement through strong marketing and communication strategies

  6. Include at least 40 clubs/organizations/businesses