Environmental Law Program

ELP RA Olan Leimomi Morgan Clerks for Native American Rights Fund

lei-narfThis past Summer 2016, ELP Research Associate Olan Leimomi (“Lei”) Morgan clerked for the Native American Rights Fund (“NARF”) in Boulder, Colorado.  Read the full post »

Dec. 13-14: Symposium on Climate Displacement, Migration, and Relocation

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-37-35-amResidents in Hawai‘i, Alaska and the Pacific Islands are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change, and moving to a safer location is one of many adaptation responses that communities are considering.  Read the full post »

ELP Student Alyssa-Marie Kau Reflects on her ICJ4ICJ Moot Court Experience

img_8796The Tony Oposa Inter-Generational Climate Justice for the International Court of Justice (“ICJ4ICJ”) Moot Court workshop was convened on Thursday, September 1 at the Hawaii Supreme Court. Read the full post »

Panel on Fishing Regulations in the Pacific – Guest Contributor: Alyssa-Marie Kau (ELP Student)

jarmon-environmental-fellowshipOn Thursday, October 6, 2016 the Jarman Environmental Law Fellowship, the Food Law and Policy Society, and the Human Rights Club co-sponsored a panel on fishing regulations in the Pacific. This panel was organized as a result of a recent Associated Press report alleging abusive labor conditions affecting foreign workers on American fishing vessels in Hawaiʻi. The fishing industry continues to operate without oversight. Read the full post »

2016 Landshark Invitational Surf Contest – Guest Contributor: Ian Garrod (ELP Student)

Landshark WinnersThe 2016 Landshark Invitational Surf Contest was held on Saturday, September 10, giving law students and practicing attorneys a chance to meet new faces and hit the water. Read the full post »

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