International Union for Conservation of Nature

The Environmental Law Program is honored to be a voting member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2015.

In 2016, HawaiĘ»i was host to the prestigious World Conservation Congress (WCC) of the IUCN, the first such congress in the US in the IUCN’s history since 1948. 

Along with this honor, at the WCC, the Environmental Law Program proudly took a lead role in participating in this historic event.  

With more than 10,000 participants from around the world, this gathering of nations placed environmental concerns and efforts at the forefront. The ELP program’s leadership team and faculty led various workshops and knowledge cafes, while ELP students also had the opportunity to get involved.  

To learn more about ELP’s involvement in the 2016 Congress, click on the links to the right. 

This year, ELP is pleased to have a delegation of over 25 faculty, students, and alumni participating in the 2020 WCC in Marseille, France.

Due to COVID-19, WCC will be both in-person and virtual, allowing ELP to participate remotely in almost all of the Forum Sessions and Members’ Assembly, as well as voting on contested motions and the global elections.

ELP director David Forman is meeting a small group of the ELP delegation to Marseille for the Congress that runs from September 3rd through September 10th. Professors Antolini and Wallsgrove are involved in a variety of events virtually with the World Commission on Environmental Law.

As the Congress convenes, the ELP delegation will be sharing its experiences through this webpage.

Update: IUCN’s 70th Anniversary Website