Environmental Law Program

1Ls Get the “Lo-Down” at ELP’s Net@Work Event

Net@Work 2013 Group Photo
It’s that time of the year again. LPII deadlines, SYS deadlines, Finals and…REGISTRATION! As registration begins tomorrow (4/17/13), prospective 1L ELP certificate students were able to get some guidance on choosing courses, externships, pro bono work, SYS topics and much more at ELP’s annual “Net@Work” event. An outstanding group of 3L and 2L ELP students came out to help mentor students on the upcoming two years ahead. Happy registration day everyone!

Photo (left to right): Front Row: Elika Stimpson (3L), Shae Kamaka’ala (2L), Onaona Thoene (3L), Rosie Brady (1L), Joanna Zeigler (1L), Loren Seehase (1L), Ana Cornwell (1L), Frannie Demapan (1L); Back Row: Nicole O’Kief (1L), Dean Antolini, Ewan Rayner (2L), Teri Wright (3L), Scott Mead (3L), Sarah Sheffield (1L), Professor Forman, Jacqueline Baker (1L), Alese Lesser (1L), Shauna Imanaka (1L), ‘Olu Campbell (1L)