Environmental Law Program

Aloha ‘Āina, Aloha Kānaka: Protecting Cultural Sites for the Well-Being of Native Hawaiian Communities

-1Come join ELP and Ka Huli Ao for another great Maoli Thursday colloquium! Kealoha Pisciotta, a Native Hawaiian practitioner, Dr. Maile Tauali’i, a Professor of UH public health programs, and Linda Krieger, a Professor of Law will shed a broad light on how the systematic destruction over time of places and institutions of cultural significance and/or sacred value to Kanaka Maoli and the struggle that this poses on affiliated Kanaka Maoli, relates to the transmission of traumatic stress or other related feelings (termed trans-generational trauma transmission). The struggles identified by the cultural practitioners will be analyzed by an academic health professional through the lens of medical and public health research on trans-generational trauma transmission that negatively affects the health and welfare of culturally affiliated Kanaka Maoli. We will then see how this information can be used in contested case hearings and related litigation regarding development affecting places of cultural and spiritual significance to indigenous communities.

Please RSVP online by 10/1 at wwww2.hawaii.edu/~kahuliao