Environmental Law Program

Tryouts for the International Law Environmental Moot Court are Now Open!

National Eviromental Law Moot Court Team 2009
The Stetson International Law Environmental Moot Court Competition (IELMC), Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Jessup), and Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition (Space Law), provide students with exciting opportunities to learn more about international law in general, and as applied to particular hypothetical situations. These competitions dramatically improve writing and oral advocacy skills, and provide exposure to judges and practicing lawyers in our legal community.

More importantly, for students who are interested in exploring international law career opportunities (whether primary or in intersections with US legal practice), today’s prestigious moot competitions create gateways for recruitment and advancing student interests in international legal research, internships at top global firms and international courts and tribunals, international and nongovernmental organization work, among others.

There are generally three stages to each of the respective competitions. First, the team must write and submit a memorial (the international equivalent of a brief). Second, the team travels to a regional competition for oral arguments against other law schools. If the team does well enough in the regional competition, it proceeds to the International Finals.

Applications to try out are due SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 by 5:00PM. You must be a 2L or 3L to apply. You must turn in your application packet to Diane Desierto (desierto@hawaii.ed), David Forman (dmforman@hawaii.edu), or Vicki Syzmczak (vjs777@hawaii.edu). You may also contact them if you have questions or need an application packet.