Environmental Law Program

ELP and the Federalist Society: Do Property Rights Matter?

Maxine Burkett and James BurlingOn February 21, 2013, ELP and the Federalist Society sponsored a joint colloquium on property rights, featuring ELP’s very own Professor Burkett and James Burling, the Director of Litigation at the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF). Burling opened the colloquium with a presentation that focused on the inter-relationship of property rights and individuals’ freedoms and the rise of environmental regulation. Professor Burkett provided a response that called for reasoned democracy and responsible and collaborative governance. She shared that climate change is a product of our continued disregard for nature and our relationship with it. She further posed that Polynesians have a unique relationship with the land and are experiencing dire impacts of climate change. Burling and Burkett provided further comments and opened the forum up for questions from the audience. On behalf of the Environmental Law Program, we would like to thank Mr. Burling and Professor Burkett for providing our law school students with a very passionate, yet balanced forum on property rights, individuals’ freedom and issues of climate change.

Thanks to our IT department, check out the video here! http://vimeo.com/60284259

Photo (left to right): James Burling and Professor Maxine Burkett