Environmental Law Program

ELP Co-Hosts Talk on Decolonizing the Energy Sector

On Friday, February 14, 2020, the Environmental Law Program (ELP) and the Planners of Hawaiʻi and the Pan-Pacific Association co-hosted a talk: “Decarbonization is not Enough – Decolonize the Energy Sector” with David Michael Karabelnikoff. Mr. Karabelnikoff is an Alaskan Native scholar and artist whose work on indigenous futures combines the traditional and state-of-the-art. Students, faculty, and community members joined Mr. Karabelnikoff for a lively discussion on clean energy and incorporating indigenous perspectives. Mr. Karabelnikoff discussed Hawaii’s renewable energy goal and the associated impacts on communities, ideas of using indigenous futurism, and social justice benefits associated with decarbonizing the energy sector. Thank you to Mr. Karabelnikoff for an engaging and thoughtful discussion!  




ELD 2/26/20

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