Environmental Law Program

ELP Colloquium: Sherry Broder on Black Carbon

On April 12, 2010, the Environmental Law Program welcomed Sherry P. Broder, Esq., to talk about implementing changes to reduce air pollution from the Global Shipping Industry.

Ms. Broder talked to eager law students and faculty on the devastating environmental impacts caused by the Global Shipping Industries. Ships generate large amounts of smog by releasing Black Carbon into the atmosphere. Ms. Broder’s discussion included the lack of current laws that regulate these shipping industry emissions and highlighted the importance of reducing these emissions as a critical step in reducing air pollution throughout the world. Climate Change is a growing concern that requires reduction of air pollution. Thus, it is critical to shape good domestic and international policies as a first step in reducing the Shipping Industries pollution.

Ms. Broder is married to our esteemed Professor Jon Van Dyke. Ms. Broder is a distinguished solo practitioner in Honolulu, who specializes in human rights, personal injury, and complex civil litigation. For more information or to contact Sherry Broder, go to: http://www.sherrybroder.com/