Environmental Law Program

ELP Colloquium Series: Anthony A. Oposa, Jr.

Anthony Oposa ColloquiumOn January 29, 2013, Mr. Anthony A. Oposa Jr., one of Asia’s leading voices in the global arena of environmental law, gave an enlightening presentation that attracted a large crowd of law students, professors, esteemed members of Hawai‘i’s legal community and more.  Mr. Oposa touched upon a ten year legal battle he won in 2008, against twelve Philippine government agencies that were compelled to clean up Manila Bay, a pristine fishery that has been the victim of years of unwarranted and flagrant pollution.  Mr. Oposa is a strong advocate for the environment and has come up with creative ways to help his country adopt environmentally sustainable practices.  In Sibul, you can find edible gardens along the roadside and streets turned into parks.  “Mass transit” systems include a self-peddling rail system and solar powered and windmill driven transit vehicles.  It was inspirational to hear that after Mr. Oposa’s residence was destroyed in a typhoon, he took it as an opportunity to make his home sustainable.  Mr. Oposa is a prime example of how one can live “green” and his grass roots problem-solving techniques for sustainability were an inspiration for everyone.

ELP would like to thank Mr. Oposa and everyone who joined us for this great ELP colloquium.

(Pictured above: June Dela Cruz (LL.M. ’13), Elena Clariza, David Forman (’93), Antonio Oposa, Jr., Belinda Aquino and Fred Magdalena.)


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