Environmental Law Program

ELP Students and Faculty attend the 2nd Annual Green School Symposium

Summer Fergerstrom (’11), Amy Brinker (’11), and Jonathan Ching (’12) joined ELP Director & Professor Denise Antolini at the “2nd Annual Green Schools Symposium” held at Punahou School on September 11, 2010. After a series of great speakers in the morning in the Case Middle School LEED Gold Certified buildings, the group toured the new Omidyar K-1 (LEED Platiunum Certified) buildings. Professor Antolini is chair of the Law School’s Building Committee, which is moving ahead with plans for a LEED Platinum expansion and modernization of the law school buildings in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!

Punahou School, Omidyar K-1 Building, PV Panels Shading Drop Off Area