Environmental Law Program

ELP’s Travel Grant Supports Bianca Isaki ’13 to Participate in Two Events

ELP’s Travel Grant Program supported Bianca Isaki ’13 in participating in the O‘ahu Resource Conservation and Development Council’s “Land Preservation Symposium” on January 12, 2012, and will support her participation in the Law & Society Association’s International Conference, “Sociological Conversations Across a Sea of Islands” on June 5-8, 2012.

Bianca writes:

“The Land Symposium opened with Jonathan Scheuer’s canny and appropriate observation that land conservation in Hawai‘i inextricably intertwined with the political history and ownership of land—a particularly complicated nexus. The Symposium presented a range of broader intellectual inquiries and workshops on the “nuts and bolts” of land conservation easements, tax credits, and land trust organizations.

In June, I will participate on a panel entitled, “Immigration and Indigeneity,” by presenting a paper on settler colonial state-sponsored conservation strategies at Ka‘ena Point, O‘ahu. My paper addresses the panel theme by pressing claims that immigrant diasporics have common cause with Native Hawaiians to consider more fully the literal space of that common ground. Where do these interests get aligned and how does the literal place in which those commons happen orient a common cause against settler colonialism? For reasons I elaborate in my paper, that ‘place’ cannot be the settler state, and instead look to Hawaiian conceptions of place in direct action land struggles.”

Great work Bianca! Please keep a look out for more information on the June panel!