Environmental Law Program

Evening Part-Time Students attend Cookies and Coffee with ELP

On Tuesday, January 31, 2018, the Environmental Law Program hosted “Cookies and Coffee with ELP.”  The open house event was especially aimed at accommodating William S. Richardson School of Law’s Evening Part-Time students.  

In a casual setting, attendees had the opportunity to get to know one another and talk to ELP Director David Forman and Visiting Professor Richard Wallsgrove.  Both Professor Forman and Professor Wallsgrove shared their prior experience as students and as professionals navigating their early years out of law school.  Students learned about current professional and educational opportunities along with details of the Environmental Law Program, Society, and Certificate.

Students listen as Dean Antolini discusses clerkship opportunities at Hawaiʻi’s new Environmental Court.

Professor Forman added, “[t]he ELP faculty is pleased to extend its outreach efforts to students in the evening and part-time program by offering opportunities to interact and address questions outside of individual classes, other ELP events, or the disparate office hours of individual faculty members.  Notwithstanding this opportunity, ELP students should not hesitate to approach ELP faculty with questions or other requests. We are here to support your educational and professional development.”  Dean Denise Antolini and ELP Faculty, Professor Maxine Burkett, also stopped by to talk about professional opportunities and current events.

Stay tuned for our next cookies and coffee open house!