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Publication Released – Marshall Islands Climate Migration Project

The International Organization for Migration (OIM) recently published ELP Professor Maxine Burkettʻs work on migration and climate change. Research collaborators and co-authors of the Policy Brief, entitled Marshallese Perspectives on Migration in the Context of Climate Change, were Dr. Kees van der Geest, Juno Fitzpatrick, Mark Stege, and Brittany Wheeler. 

Aerial view of Aur Atoll of the Marshall Islands. © 2017/Kees VAN DER GEEST

The Marshall Islands is a nation of widely dispersed, low-lying coral atolls and islands, and with climate change causing sea levels to rise and shifting weather patterns, the Marshall Islands is faced with flooding, heat stress and drought.  The Marshall Islands Climate and Migration Project studies the multicausal nature of Marshallese migration, as well as its impact on migrants themselves and communities in the Marshall Islands.  This policy brief highlights key findings on migration patterns, drivers and impacts, and discusses the tension between being prepared to move and fortifying to stay in place.  

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IOM Publication website

Environmental Migration Portal

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RR 8/26/19