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ELP Colloquium: “The Road-Sharing Movement”

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On January 28, 2014, the WSRSL Environmental Law Program hosted a colloquium entitled “The Road-Sharing Movement: Philippine Environmental Law in Action” featuring internationally-renowned environmental advocate, Antonio Oposa Jr. The event came near the tail end of Mr. Oposa’s three-week stay on Oahu where he was also teaching a short course at the law school on Philippine Environmental Law and meeting with members of the Filipino community.

Described by one spectator as “one of the best events I’ve ever attended at the law school,” Mr. Oposa delivered a captivating and eye-opening discussion of the environmental challenges currently facing the Philippines. He briefly discussed his past legal battles, including compelling the clean-up of Manila Bay, halting the misappropriation of the country’s forest resources, and establishing the right to sue on behalf of future generations. He also described his current project–getting the Philippine government to reform the road and transportation system of the entire country. Rather than act on his own as he has in past ventures, Mr. Oposa has made this a movement of the people by engaging them in urban garden and organizing “road closures” to promote walking and biking.

Mr. Oposa ended his colloquium with a karaoke session to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Members of the faculty joined him, including Dean Denise Antolini, Professor Eric Yamamoto, Professor Mark Levin, Assistant Professor Malia Akutagawa, and Assistant Professor Diane Desierto.

[Pictured above (L-R): Assistant Professor Diane Desierto, Dean Denise Antolini, Prof. Eric Yamamoto, Prof. Emeritus Belinda Aquino (School of Pacific and Asian Studies), Antonio Oposa, and Visiting Scholar Jae-Hyup Lee]

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