Environmental Law Program

Strong showing by ELP students and alumni at the 2010 Landshark Invitational

ELP students and alumni joined lawyers throughout the community as a part of the 2010 Landshark Invitational on September 25, 2010, at Kewalo Basin. Lea Hong ’91, a proud graduate from our Environmental Law Program and the Hawaiian Islands Director for the Trust for Public Land’s O’ahu Office, spearheaded the event that saw more than 40 lawyers and 26 law students participate in the contest.

Lea organized the event and partnered with Girls Who Surf and Ku’au Rescue and sponsors XCEL, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Cronin Fried Sekiya Kekina & Fairbanks, Bickerton Lee Dang & Sullivan, Na Loio He’e Nalu, and LEXIS-NEXIS and due to such overwhelming support the Landshark Invitational will be donating $400 to the William S. Richardson School of Law “Realizing the Dream Fund.”

Participants enjoying the surf (Photo courtesy of Joanne Sheng '12)

Lea commented that, “Surf conditions were spectacular with light winds and chest high surf throughout the day. More than 40 lawyers and 26 law students participated in the day of fun, sun, fellowship, surf, and potluck picnic. Highlights of the competition include Greg Lui Kwan’s ’82 triumph for the third year in a row in the John Lim Costume Contest — this year as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Even the tourists riding out of Kewalo Harbor recognized Sponge Bob and yelled their encouragement. Law student Ramsey Ross received the unofficial “Most Likely To Need Water Rescue Award” for his gorilla suit outfit that weighed about 40 pounds wet (mercifully, he did not fall off his board and need rescuing). Jeff Kent ‘ 07 was disqualified for a Spam Musubi costume made of styrofoam that instantly disintegrated when it hit the water, causing illegal/disqualifying marine debris which he was forced to track down and pick up.”

The results of the friendly day of surf are below:

Women’s Longboard 30 and under
1st Mele Coleman ’12
2nd Sunny Unga
3rd Ivy Kinney

Women’s Longboard Over 30
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Lea Hong ’91
3rd Bianca Isaki

Men’s Longboard Makule (55+)
1st Bill Saunders
2nd David Nakashima ’77
3rd Stuart Gasner

Men’s Longboard Loio (40-54)
1st Craig Stockl
2nd Kent Pelt
3rd Jim Bickerton

Men’s Longboard Opio (under 40)
1st Napali Souza ’09
2nd Blake McElheny ’99
3rd Nate Roehrig ’03

Women’s Shortboard 30 & Under
1st Ivy Kinney
2nd Sunny Unga
3rd Jo Sheng ’12

Women’s Shortboard Over 30
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Bianca Isaki
3rd Linda Aragon

Men’s Shortboard Makule (55+)
1st Stuart Gasner
2nd John Nishimoto
3rd Gordon Kim ’84

Men’s Shortboard Loio (40-54)
1st Jim Bickerton
2nd Mark Fox
3rd Kent Pelt

Men’s Shortbard Opio (Under 40)
1st Napali Souza ’09
2nd Koa Ramos Saunders
3rd Nate Roehrig ’03

Women’s Bodyboard
1st Dawnie Ichimura
2nd Mihoko Ito
3rd Bianca Isaki

Men’s Bodyboard
1st Wilson Unga ’11
2nd John Choi
3rd Makia Minerbi ’08

Novice Open
1st Wilson Unga ’11
2nd Mike Schwartz
3rd Bart Howk

Men’s Stand-Up
1st Blake McElheny ’99
2nd David Nakashima ’77
3rd John Choi

Women’s Stand-Up
1st Mihoko Ito

John Lim Costume Contest
1st Greg Lui Kwan (Sponge Bob) ’82
2nd Mihoko Ito (Candy Corn Witch)
3rd Lea Hong (Suzie Wong) ’91

Best Wipeout
Mele Coleman ’12

Aloha Spirit Award
Jonathan Ching ’12