The Environmental Law Program’s core and adjunct faculty, students, alumni, and friends publish scholarship, deliver papers, and issue reports on a diverse range of Hawai‘i environmental law, land use, indigenous peoples, and related law issues.

This page highlights selected publications of the core faculty (below) and contains (to the right) a comprehensive archive of ELP faculty, students,  alumni, and others’ scholarship on Hawai‘i environmental law, organized by year of publication.


Professor Jon M. Van Dyke……

Jon M. Van Dyke, Ocean Transport of Radioactive Fuel and Waste, in The Oceans in the Nuclear Age: Legacies and Risks 147-67 (David D. Caron and Harry N. Scheiber eds., 2010).

Jon M. Van Dyke, Transit Passage Through International Straits, in Aldo Chicop et al., eds., The Future of Ocean Regime-Building 177 (2009).

Jon M. Van Dyke, Canada’s Authority To Prohibit LNG Vessels from Passing Through Head Harbor Passage to U.S. Ports, 14 Ocean & Coastal L.J. 45 (2008-09).

Jon M. Van Dyke, Allocating Fish Across Jurisdictions, in Conservation and Management of Transnational Tuna Fisheries 163-79 (Robin Allen, James Joseph & Dale Squires eds. 2010); previously published in Law of the Sea, Protection of the Marine Environment and Settlement of Disputes 821-44 (Tafsir Malick Ndiaye & Rudiger Wolfrum eds. 2007).

Professor M. Casey Jarman

M. Casey Jarman, Making Your Voice Count: A Citizen Guide to Contested Case Hearings (Environmental Law Program 2002).

M. Casey Jarman & Robert Verchick, Beyond the “Courts of the Conquerer”:  Balancing Private and Cultural Property Rights Under Hawai‘i Law,  5 The Scholar:  St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues 201 (2003).

Professor David L. Callies

David L. Callies, Regulating Paradise: Land Use Controls in Hawaii (UH Press, 2010).

David L. Callies, et al., The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Development (Cambridge University Press, paperback edition, 2010).

David L. Callies, The Story of Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co., in Korngold & Morriss, eds., Property Stories (2d ed. 2009).

David Callies & Calvert Chipchase, Water Regulation, Land Use and the Environment, 30 U Haw. L. Rev. 49 (2007)..

Professor Denise E. Antolini

Denise Antolini, Drowning Hawaiʻi: Island Resiliency and Climate Change , in Climate Change: A Reader 1106-48 (William H. Rodgers Jr. et al., 2012).

Karl Kim, Denise Antolini & Peter Rappa, Report to the Legislature on Hawai‘i’s Environmental Review System (Jan. 1, 2010).

Denise Antolini, National Park Law in the U.S.: Conservation and Conflict, 33 Wm & Mary Envt’l L. Pol’y Rev. 851 (2009).

Professor D. Kapua Sproat

D. Kapua‘ala Sproat, Water, in The Value of Hawa‘i (Jon Osorio & Craig Howes eds., 2010).

D. Kapua‘ala Sproat, Ola I Ka Wai: A Legal Primer for Water Use and Management In Hawa‘i, (Ka Huli Ao Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law, 2009).

D. Kapua Sproat, Avoiding Trouble in Paradise: Understanding Hawai‘i’s Law and Indigenous Culture, American Bar Association Business Law Today, vol. 18 (Nov./Dec. 2008).

D. Kapua Sproat & Aarin Gross, The Northwest Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument, 22-SPG Nat. Resources & Env’t 57 (2008).

D. Kapua‘ala Sproat & Isaac H. Moriwake, Ke Kalo Pa‘a o Waiahole: A Case Study of the Use of the Public Trust as a Tool for Environmental Advocacy, in Common Law Remedies for Protecting the Environment (Denise Antolini & Cliff Rechtschaffen eds., 2007).

D. Kapua Sproat, Backlash against PASH: Legislative Attempts to Restrict Native Hawaiian Rights, 20 U. Haw. L. Rev. 321 (1998)..

Professor Maxine Burkett

Maxine Burkett, Climate Reparations, 10 Melbourne J. Int’l L. 509 (Fall 2009)

Maxine Burkett, Just Solutions to Climate Change: A Climate Justice Proposal for a Domestic Clean Development Mechanism, 56 Buffalo L. Rev. 169 (2008)