Environmental Law Program


Student & Alumni Publications

Elizabeth Bailey, From Sea to Rising Sea:  How Climate Change Challenges Coastal Land Use Laws, 33 Hawai`i L. Rev. 289 (2010).

Natasha Baldauf, One-way Track to Descecration:  Implications of the Honolulu Rail’s Failure to Comply with Protections Mandated for Native Hawaiian Rights,  12 Asian-Pac L. & Pol’y J. 141 (2010).

Melissa Farris, The Sound of Falling Trees: Integrating Environmental Justice Principles into the Climate Change Framework for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), 20 Fordham Envtl. L. Rev. 515 (2010).

Lehua Ka’uhane, UH Law Student Reflects on Land Trusts in Hawai‘i, Ka Wai Ola, Dec. 2010, at 29.

Trevor Tamashiro, Moloka`i:  Ressurecting `Aha Moku on the “Last Hawaiian Island”, 12 Asian-Pac L. & Pol’y J. 295 (2010).

Richelle Thomson, State Tax Credits for Conservation Easements: Hawai‘i and Twelve Other States’ Efforts to Encourage Private Land Conservation,He Mau Mo‘olelo Kanawai o ka ‘Aina, Spring 2010.

Naomi Johnstone, Indonesia in the ‘REDD’:  Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples and Global Legal Pluralism, 12 Asian-Pac L. & Pol’y J. 93 (2010).

Stewart A. Yerton, Procedural Standing and the Hawaii Superferry Decision:  How a Surfer, a Paddler, and an Orchid Farmer Aligned Hawaii’s Standing Doctrine with Federal Principles, 12 Asian-Pac L. & Pol’y J. 330 (2010).

Faculty Publications

Jon M. Van Dyke, Ocean Transport of Radioactive Fuel and Waste, in The Oceans in the Nuclear Age: Legacies and Risks 147-67 (David D. Caron and Harry N. Scheiber eds., 2010).

David L. Callies, Regulating Paradise: Land Use Controls in Hawaii (UH Press, 2010).

David L. Callies, et al., The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Development (Cambridge University Press, paperback edition, 2010).

Karl Kim, Denise Antolini & Peter Rappa, Report to the Legislature on Hawai‘i’s Environmental Review System (Jan. 1, 2010).

D. Kapua‘ala Sproat, Water, in The Value of Hawa‘i (Jon Osorio & Craig Howes eds., 2010).