Environmental Law Program


Faculty Publications

David M. Forman, A Room for “Adam and Steve” at Mrs. Murphy’s Bed and Breakfast:  Avoiding the Sin of Inhospitality in Places of Public Accommodation, 23 Colum. J. Gender & L. 326 (2012).

Maxine Burkett, Litigating Climate Change Adaptation: Theory, Practice, and Corrective (Climate) Justice, 42 Env. L. Rptr. 11144 (2012).

Maxine Burkett, Climate-Induced Migration: Is there a there there?, 3 Climate Law 314 (2012).

Alumni Publications

Alison Rieser, The Papahānaumokuākea Precedent:  Ecosystem-scale Marine Protected Areas in the EEZ, 13 Asian-Pac L. Pol’y J. 252 (2012).

Justin Lee, The Curious Case of Land Inheritance:  Metaphor and Hawaiian Land Tenure, 13 Asian-Pac L. Pol’y J. 252 (2012).