Indiana Strengthening Pathways to Success Summit, Sept 19, 2013

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The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is a “14-member public body created in 1971 to define the missions of Indiana’s colleges and universityes, plan and coordinate the states’s postsecondary education system, and ensure that Indiana’s higher education system, and ensure that Indiana’s higher education system is aligned to meet the needs of students and the state.”

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HGI/EDI “Delivery 101: Delivering Student Success for All Students”

The HGI system team and campus teams from UH Mānoa, UH Hilo and UH West O‘ahu continued to build on their student success work with facilitators Dr. Chris Navia and Omari Burnside from the U.S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI). Chris and Omari led a 3-day workshop which focused on prioritizing reform strategies, identifying barriers that impact future progress, and identifying key activities and processes that help institutionalize system and campus efforts around student success. See work plans for campus and system updates.

UH Hilo team, June 7, 2013

UH Hilo team, June 7, 2013

UH Hilo team with Omari Burnside from EDI

UH Hilo team with Omari Burnside from EDI

Part of the UH West O'ahu team with Dr. Chris Navia from EDI

Part of the UH West Oʻahu team with Chris Navia from EDI

15 to Finish Campaign to Serve as National Role Model

15 to Finish Institute title slide 
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Complete College America sponsored a “15 to Finish Institute” in which 22 member states heard details of the highly successful UH campaign and were provided with material to start their own “15 to Finish” campaigns. More from UH News…

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National Consultants Dr. Larry Abele and Dr. Chris Navia Visit UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, UH West Oʻahu and UH System

As a follow up to the Summit II planning session in October 2012, the U.S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI) and Complete College America (CCA) sponsored a visit by Dr. Larry Abele, provost emeritus of Florida State University, and Dr. Chris Navia, EDI Higher Education Engagement Manager, to conduct student success workshops at UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, and UH West Oʻahu in January 2013. Drs. Abele and Navia also met with the HGI system team to further their agenda on student success. Student success strategies involving creating academic maps with milestones, using data for decision making, and leveraging financial aid were covered. See work plans for campus and system updates.

EDI Jan 2013 meeting with system team

Larry Abele and Chris Navia from EDI meet with the system team

EDI Jan 2013 meeting at West Oahu

UH West Oʻahu Jan. 30, 2013

EDI Jan 2013 meeting at Hilo

At UH Hilo Jan. 29, 2013

EDI Jan 2013 meeting at Hilo

At UH Hilo Jan. 29, 2013

HGI Campus Work Plans

HGI campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. For details on how campus and system teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans, follow the links below.

UH Mānoa
UH Hilo
UH West Oʻahu
Hawaiʻi CC
Honolulu CC
Kapiʻolani CC
Kauaʻi CC
Leeward CC
Maui College
Windward CC
UH System

Hawaiʻi’s 15 to Finish Featured at CCA’s 3rd Annual Convening of the Alliance States

15 to Finish at CCA presentation
UH’s 15 to Finish campaign has gained national attention. Most recently, it was a featured presentation at the Complete College America meeting in December 2012, with 33 states in attendance. Executive Vice President Johnsrud provided a summary of how UH’s 15 to Finish was born along with initial results of the strategy to reduce students’ time to degree.

Summit II

UH campus and system teams gathered at the State Capitol for a two-day planning session in October 2012 that focused on improving student success. Facilitators and national content experts were brought in by Complete College America to assist in the discussions.
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Governor at Summit II

Governor Neil Abercrombie, CCA President Stan Jones, and UH EVPAA Linda Johnsrud.

Campus Teams present

Campus teams present plans at the afternoon session.

HGI’s Summit II was the second gathering held by UH. In September 2010, Summit I “E Kamakani Hou” brought together community leaders and members of UH to discuss how higher education could improve Hawaiʻi’s ability to compete in the 21st century global economy.